I come back and lose a follower. xD 

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"Anyone miss me?"

brutallyhonestjean replied to your post “Quick notice”

{ stop saying that you’re a burden / making it a chore for people to reply. if it were a chore, you wouldn’t see me replying immediately to our hs thread each time you reply. don’t put yourself down so much, bby. }

// Thanks sweetie~ I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply. I seriously have no time on my hands. I loved the plot though, so certainly if you still want to, we can rp it sometime in the future^^

Quick notice

I am so horrible for not going on here lately or doing any rp’s. I seriously have no choice..

But this post is to inform you that I will not be roleplaying for a while (possible forever lolol) 

I feel like I make it a chore for some people and yeah… Besides, I’ve been roleplaying for YEARS, everything has an end.

NO GUARANTEES THOUGH so don’t rejoice that I’m gone just yet xD

I’ll still lurk and read all your beautiful threads. I’ll probably come crawling back in a month.


It’s been a while since I’ve started doing stuff on tumblr again haha :D Thanks for putting up with me when I reblog your stuff and secretly stalk your blogs! 

                                          FOLLOW FOREVER

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For F*ck’s Sake

(◕‿◕✿) + Message for people I am rp’ing with.

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