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“ Why does my happiness depend on your attention? ”

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Reading the comments in the tags, I can’t believe how many of you took this the wrong way. Stop being selfish and asking for praise and start giving it out. Go make your favorite roleplayers day. Shit.

I am feeling quite illiterate tonight. uvu ..I know I owe some of you replies, and answers to asks, but I’m really not feeling up to it  D:

I assure you, replies will be up soon. Thanks and take care!

“ § ”vanilla-banana-split

The dessert stood on the table before her, proudly displaying its bright red cherries and glistening chocolate sauce that was so perfectly poured. In the heat of the day, the melted sweetness that was trickling down the side of a mountain of pure, vanilla ice-cream only ignited her desires.

The cherries seemed to teased her and beckoned her to have a taste. Her desires got the better of her and it wasn’t long until the glass bowl was held securely in her hands. 

"You’re mine now~" She whispered, her voice soft and gentle. With a swift motion, a silver spoon slid smoothly into the cool ice-cream. Tasting the glistening sweetness, her eyes closed in pure bliss. At that moment, she swore they were united as one.


I can’t decide if this is a serious post or not

It’s Been A While | Jean + Sasha



{{ —- ` he was triumphant, glad that he had no one to share seats with — however, jean’s day seemed to be taking a highly unfortunate turn as there was the sound of the door opening after the bell had rung. many pairs of eyes turned in unison with his own, the sounds of shuffling filling the quiet atmosphere. at first, he didn’t care that the same brunette who had nearly tackled him to the floor in the hall had come in — that was, until a glance around the room told him that the vacant seat beside him was the only one that seemed to be remaining.

his jaw dropped slightly in astonishment, aurulent hues widening just the slightest. while she was a stranger, he still didn’t want anyone sitting beside him. his head hardly turned as she plopped into the stool beside his own, her bag giving a muffled thump as her bag dropped to the floor. just as the blond was opening his mouth, intending to introduce himself, he choked upon hearing the introductory words — or, rather, the last part of the introduction.

the rest of the year?! several faces around the room were incredulous, shocked gasps gathering. it felt as though their teacher had punched him in the gut, leaving him standing there in shock before he pulled himself out of it. from beside him, jean heard the girl’s own words of surprise; it seemed as though she, too, wasn’t all that pleased with this. as his gaze fixated upon her, the tension that kept her rigid as a board was obvious, especially as she turned to face him. it was almost as though she was scared of him. subconsciously, his expression furrowed.

 there was no time to take a breath before words were being spewed out, pouring from her lips in a rush. throughout the words that nearly ran together into a confusion mess, jean managed to catch her name — sasha. tiers drew into a thin line, pressing together; fingers ran through his blond as he paused, the silence stretched after she’d spoken. it was clear by his blunt expression that he was hardly impressed; if anything, it was border-lining boredom. no smile was returned to her own, just one shoulder popping into a shrug. “th’ name’s jean.” simply stated, as though it were nothing important; and in a way, it wasn’t.

he didn’t plan on them being friends, after all. they were at status classmates, nothing more — outside of this damn class, they’d never give anything more than a glance to each other, or so he believed.

{ — Sasha did not like this at all. She was hesitant in the least to endure a whole year with this stranger. Awkwardness had ignited between them prior to the class, and to be reminded of such an embarrassing mistake for the entire year instilled in her a sense of helplessness. As an attempt to relax, if it was possible, Sasha reached into her taupe bag and placed on her desk a notebook and a ballpoint pen. She just had to seem busy, then maybe she could avoid any form of contact with her classmate.

He appeared thoroughly bored, and in all honesty she thought it was quite rude, especially after she had gathered the effort and confidence to introduce herself. It did take confidence to face someone you barely knew, at least it did for her.  

Her thoughts were interrupted when their teacher spoke and began handing out a task-sheet and a mint-colored information sheet introducing the topic. "You are to do individual research on the background of this topic, next week, you will be given a lesson to work with your partner to conduct an experimental investigation. I expect both students to have a thorough understanding of the theory and the practical aspects of the topic."

— A page filled with handwritten notes and twenty sheets later, the bell finally rang, freeing her from the choking and uncomfortable presence of her classmate, Jean. She was quick to organise her belongings and left before he barely had time to get out of his chair. She walked along to her locker and threw her bag into the empty space halfheartedly, forgetting about the lesson she had just endured.

Finally reaching the cafeteria, she fetched her lunch and sat at a random table by the window, which allowed her full view of the oval, where various groups were playing some form of soccer. Half-way through her lunch, she heard a shuffle and the grunt of a frustrated adolescent somewhere behind her. Turning around, she identified the male but decided to ignore him, after all was he not too bored and disinterested in her?

A burger and a serving of crunchy fries later, she stood with her tray and left the table. She spent the remaining ten minutes of the break searching for her next classroom. —- }